ESE 2019

Visit the ESE Congress 2019 with us!
We present "Menschliche Aspekte von Safety-Projekten: Was Sie in der FuSi-Schulung nicht hören"

65 Years of Solcept

Six engineers, 65 years Solcept: we would like to thank our long-standing employees!

New Engineer

We welcome a new software engineer!

Knowledge/ White Papers

Informations, tools and interesting stuff for embedded development, but not only...

What is the Cost of Functional Safety?

How to estimate the effort for safety-critical systems based on "normal" development: a simple rule of tumb

What is the Benefit of Code Generation?

How to reduce development effort while increasing quality at the same time using a code generator...

Functional Safety? The Details

The customer finds your product awesome, just would like it with functional safety. What does this mean for your development? The details.

Functional Safety? The list

The customer finds your product awesome, just would like it with functional safety. What does this mean for your development? A short list.

Expertise: the Dreyfus Model

How to classify the expertise of technical specialists? Here you can find a short introduction to a useful model.

Is Body Leasing Really Simpler?

For your R&D, you would like to call external support. Is it more efficient to have the engineers on place or to award the task as a project?

40% Faster Innovation and Product Development

This is the wish of everybody involved with product development. In a study the time wasters have been identified, but how to get rid of them?

Experiments and Useful Results?

I encountered the situation time and again: a big heap of plots or a directory full of files, the results of many trials and experiments.

What defines a Good Engineer?

Apart from technical knowledge, what are the key success factors of an engineer?


That which was new, some time ago...

Safety & Security 2018

Visit the Forum Safety & Security 2018!
We present "Vom funktionierenden zum sicheren Produkt: ein Erfahrungsbericht zur Einführung von funktionaler Sicherheit"

ECC 2018

Visit the Embedded Computing Conference 2018!
We present "Wieso Prozesse: ist das nicht einfach nur mühsam?"

ESE 2017

Visit the ESE Congress 2017 with us!
We present "Aufwandsschätzung: Handwerk oder Magie?"

New Engineers

We welcome two new software specialists!

ECC 2017

Visit the 10th Embedded Computing Conference 2017 with us!

Ready to Start with Automotive Safety!

Thanks to a good foundation with competent engineers and institutionalized processes we could reach the capability for ISO 26262 rapidly.

News from May

New website, now fully responsive. New staff and again capacity for your projects.

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