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Complex Systems

Digital Signal Processing and Graphical User Interfaces

Complex projects for digital signal processing and graphical user interfaces are all but the "primordial soup" from which Solcept has grown. And of course we also carry out simple projects in addition to complex ones...

In digital signal processing, for many projects we have transformed mathematics into functional products for communication, including coding/decoding as well as control. 

Graphical user interfaces have made a giant leap in the last decade, driven by the ubiquitous smartphones, users expect an equivalent user experience from all machines. For software in particular, this means that its complexity is increasing, with built-in user manuals and context-sensitive operation.

In order to get a handle on the management of complex projects, we have taken a close look at processes. By the time we reached the state of lived processes, we had acquired a large part of the skills to work for functional safety. So the development of critical systems was the next logical step.

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Medical Signal Processing

How did we concentrate the signal processing for a medical device on one processor and therewith optimized size and price?

Conversion to Functional Safety

How did a commercial complex sensor product become functionally safe?

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