Complex system: watch movement

Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E komplexer Systeme, z.B. DSP (digitale Signalverarbeitung), GUI (graphische Bedienoberflächen) Complex Systems

Digital Signal Processing/ Image Processing and Graphical User Interfaces

In the development of complex systems (and, by the way, also for simple systems) you benefit from the fact that for many projects we have transformed mathematics into functional products by means of digital signal processing and we transformed industrial design into aesthetic and robust graphical user interfaces.

For communication systems of our customers we have developed and implemented robust modulators and coders, demodulators and decoders, but also simple digital and analog filters. For many different industries we have implemented control systems, optimized for accuracy and speed while meeting regulatory requirements such as flicker. For image processing, we provide solutions particularly for unconventional applications, also on platforms which are not primarily optimized for image processing.

Graphical user interfaces have made a huge leap in the last decade. Your customers, driven by the ubiquitous smartphones, expect an equivalent user experience from your machine control. Our customers have benefited from our experience in implementing fully graphical operation with capacitive touch with icons, built-in manual in the machine, context-sensitive operation, and multi-language operation with loadable languages and character sets even on low-cost, low-power microcontrollers.

Complex projects for digital signal processing and graphical user interfaces were more or less the "primordial soup" from which Solcept grew. In order to get a handle on the management of such projects, we have taken a close look at processes. When we had optimized and lived these processes, we had acquired a large part of the capabilities for functional safety projects. So the development of critical systems was the next logical step.

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