Innovation Consulting: Are You Looking for the Optimum Solution?

The course for customer acceptance and cost is already set before development, namely in the definition of products and the technologies used to realize the product.

We can offer support for your ideas at a very early stage, in the first phase of product definition. We can assess technologies and the feasibility of solutions for you. And, of course, we will gladly implement your innovation, your product idea and the underlying technology for you.

If you already have products, devices on the market, let's talk about the possibilities to get more out of them for your customers.

Through the transfer of solutions between different industries, through our experience and our approach that is centered on the end user, we can find your optimal solution together.

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Product Definition

How does your idea evolve into a product or a service? Would you like to realize your idea with little development effort?

The journey from an idea to a successful product or service is usually a rocky one. We support you with our knowledge of business models, methods and technologies. We define the optimum product together with all stakeholders: product management, user, production, sales, service... This and our outside view make sure that no aspect is missed and therefore no expensive adjustments are needed during development or manufacturing.

In the first "System Definition" phase, inspired by Design Thinking, we take your idea from workshops via rapid prototypes to specification. This serves as a basis for the development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), a first usable product which serves to get feedback from users.

Clear requirements lead to fewer iterations in development and thus to smaller effort. However, clear requirements only arise if an efficient process is used. We offer you concretization of the product goal and product specification as a customized process with workshops, coaching and analyses.

Technologies & Feasibility

Is your technology the problem or the solution?

The optimum technical solution can increase the customer benefit and decrease cost. To find this solution we make all our knowledge available to you. For technology comparisons, idea workshops and development of new solutions. In a further step we can create rapid prototypes to validate the technologies.

We gladly use our outside view and the experience from projects for many different industries for your efficient and effective use of technology. For this purpose, we draw on the knowledge of our partners if required.

The broad experience of our staff and the diversity of our projects leads to economic solutions with a low implementation risk.

Innovation Realization

And how does the innovation, the new technology get into the product?

On the way from the idea, the innovation, the technology to the market-ready product, we can support you in all steps:

In order to practically prove the definitive feasibility in the technical area, but also in the market, we can create functional prototypes of various sophistication for you. To then determine the product with all its functional aspects, but above all the non-functional aspects (such as usability, security, certifications), we work with you to create the product definition.

This product definition then serves as the basis for product development with us or in your company.

Product Extension

Can your product get even better?

Do your customers need additional features? Or different functions?

For your customers, we support you to get more out of your products, especially out of your embedded and technical software.

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