Technologies? Expertise!

Instead of talking about technologies, processor types, operating systems etc. we rather talk about our essential expertise. We do not deem single technologies that important because, based on our expertise, we are able to familiarize us very fast with new technologies. For your project this means that we select exactly the technologies which are optimum for your project. This fast familiarization also helps us to quickly absorb the knowledge of your industry.

This is our expertise:

Project Management

We are very strongly process-oriented.

Systems Development

  • Complex systems/ system optimization (software-electronics-mechanics)

    • BOM Cost-optimized system design
    • Industrial Design/ Mechanics

  • Functional safety for various industries, incl. safety analyses

    • ISO 26262/ IEC 61805/ Machinery Directive (ISO 13849)/ DO-178, DO-254, ARP-4754, ARP-4761/ IEC 62304...

  • Cybersecurity incl. security analyses

    • Secure Boot, Secure Data, Secure Communication, Secure Updates, Keys & Certificates...

  • Software/ Hardware Co-Design

Software Development

  • Embedded software architecture & design

    • Object-oriented architecture/ object-oriented design (OOA/ OOD)
    • UML
    • Protocols/ communications

  • C++/ C#/ C

    • from bare-metal over RTOS to Linux/ Windows

  • Python
  • Digital signal processing/ image processing/ control systems
  • Graphical user interfaces/ touch screens
  • Multi-platform apps (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows)
  • Code generation

    • for protocols, data management, parameter handling, menu structures...

  • Continuous integration of embedded systems

  • Static code analysis (MISRA C/ MISRA C++)
  • Unit test/ code coverage

Electronics Development/ Hardware Development

  • Schematic/ PCB layout
  • Analog/ digital design

    • Processor systems
    • Sensors
    • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI): LCD, OLED, Capacitive Touch
    • Power electronics/ supply/ batteries & battery charging

  • EMC design & debugging

    • also for cost sensitive devices (without shielded/ conductive housing: EMC on PCB level)

  • Antennas

    • for wireless/ radio

  • Mobile, battery powered devices
  • ATEX design
  • ErP (Energy related Products) design
  • Design for Cost
  • Design for Test/ Design for Manufacturing
  • Programmable logic

Where we cannot cover something ourselves, we work together with our partners.

For those who are nevertheless interested which technologies we use:

Systems Development


Software Development


Electronics Development/ Hardware Development

  • HDI (High Density Interconnect)


Processes/ General

Let us discuss your idea/ your project