Industries: Transferring Solutions

As you can see in our references, we are used to working in a variety of sectors and industries.

On the one hand, you benefit from the fact that we very fast familiarize ourselves with the knowledge of your industry, with your domain knowledge. On the other hand, it is worthwhile for you that we can often transfer efficient solutions from another industry to your industry. This is because the basics for our work, for the embedded system or the controller, remain the same.

Some solutions, e.g. controller architectures, electronic circuits or signal processing algorithms are standard for one product, but thanks to the ever decreasing cost of electronics and computing power, they can be applied to other markets, where they enable better performance and even allow a better price.

A click on the image and you will see some reference projects from this industry:

Chemical Plant

Automation & Control

From Machine to System
Manufacturing machines, but also power tools are more and more equipped with control and networking.

Cooking pot

Appliances for Food Service & Home

From Rotary Knob to Touch
For household and professionals automated processes and modern user interfaces are getting more and more important.

Measurement equipment and sensors

Measurement Instruments & Sensors

From Needle to Fieldbus
Bare sensors are often not enough, algorithms, signal processing and intelligent interfaces are getting more important.

Car in Monument Valley


From Infotainment to Safety Functions
Sensors and components are getting networked, secure and functionally safe.

Medical technology, infusion and display


From Technology- to Cost-Driven Innovation
Sensors, signal processing and networking with ISO 13485 certification.

Airliner Cockpit


From Flyer to Flying Computer
Helicopters, planes & satellites, an own embedded world. Tightly regulated from systems to soft- and hardware.

Man with fitness watch


From One Function to All-Purpose
Specialized consumer products and sport/ lifestyle devices with more functions and interfaces.

Security Terminal

Security/ Access Control

From Key to Credential
Not just physical safety, also more and better data security and networking for companies and private persons.

Server Racks


From Phone to M2M
From voice to Internet of Things, telemetry and Industry 4.0. With requirements on power consumption, safety and longevity.



From Soloist to Networking
Trains are getting more complex, more communication but also more regulation (e.g. safety).

Automatic pipetter with blue liquid

Life Sciences

From Automated Machines to Systems
Lab Automation: more and more steps are automated and more data are analyzed.

Man adjusts laser

Research & Science

From Retrofit to New Developments
Keep existing experiment running and safe, develop new ones.

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