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We have accumulated a wealth of experience, on one hand in technology and project management, on the other in our working methods and processes. We are glad to pass this experience on to you, also outside of our development projects. From the development of strategies and business models to detailed processes, from innovation to obsolescence / component discontinuation.

In engineering, we find effective and cost-efficient solutions for you in all phases of product development of software and electronics, as well as complete embedded systems.

For your projects we are able to provide a clear and impartial analysis of the technical status and of the project management. We can give new impulses and ensure that the project gets back on the road to success. On organizational level, you profit from the fact that we live our processes ourselves. So we do not sell you hot air, but we show you solutions that have stood the test of time.

In order for your development to deliver excellent results at optimum cost, we conduct analyses, workshops and also temporary project management for you. For start-ups and product managers we can develop first solutions and minimum viable products (MVP) in a quick and efficient manner or provide a sound estimate of the development effort for your business plan.

Or benefit from our SolceptClinics, where you can talk to one of our experts for 30 minutes. Free of charge.

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How did we bring technology of capacitive transmission to market maturity as a convenient key for Kaba?

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How did we contribute to the wireless capabilities of a modern instrument for Flytec/ Volirium?

Project Recovery

Project Breakdown: How to get the development moving, productive and on schedule again?

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