Test and measurement setup for an industrial sensor (prototype)

Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E komplexer Systeme, z.B. DSP (digitale Signalverarbeitung), GUI (graphische Bedienoberflächen) Excitation and Processing for Sensors

Research results in sensors that often require complex excitation and processing. In most cases, once the research is complete, when the sensor is working and the control method is clear, the electronics can be optimized in terms of performance and price for the first product. Although optimization is usually focused on price, often the elimination of analog electronics also makes the solution more stable and easy to produce without tuning.

Through our co-design of electronics and digital signal processing algorithms we could achieve simple and cost-effective solutions which allowed a fast product launch. A rapid prototype of the new architecture allowed the validation of the concept and the minimization of the risks for the development to a product.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The rapid prototypes are based on specialized signal processors or on ARM-Cortex cores with the according arithmetic units (e.g. Cortex-M4F). Added to this are the customized input and driver stages for the sensors. In one case high temperature components for operation at up to 200 °C where designed in.
Through the fast understanding of the specific measurement principle, its simulation in MATLAB and a clear system design, major improvements of the overall system performance could be achieved.
In addition, ideas for further optimization of the entire mechatronics for follow-up products could be found together with the customers.

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