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Job / Career? Varied Work and Participation in Shaping the Organization!

Solcept is not your standard development organization. This because we have employees who want to advance themselves and others, technologically, as a team and on a personal level.

The work we do is technically challenging and varied. We live a transparent culture where everyone can participate in the development of the organization on a technological and organizational level. There is, for example, an annual strategy workshop for everyone, annual working hours and a (time) budget reserved for you for your continued education, but there are also clear processes and roles.

Wherever you are right now:

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Experienced Engineer

You have experience in embedded systems development? In development and also in design and architecture? Find here more information on your next challenge.

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Have you just graduated in electrical engineering or computer science? Find a somewhat different career start here.

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Are you looking for an internship? Ffor a job during your studies? Find out if we are a good match.

Who is Solcept?

Solcept AG was founded by engineers for engineers. First with the technical focus to develop embedded controls and signal processing. When controls demanded graphical touch operation even for simple devices, we introduced processes to efficiently handle larger teams and more complex projects. These processes were the foundation of the developments for functional and data security that we offer today, including for the Internet of Things.

As an organization, we are looking for a way to combine the spirit of a small team with the documentation requirements for critical projects. Because we believe that the way to the "it", to the technical goal is only through each individual, the "I" and especially through the common "we". Working with us offers the opportunity to be an entrepreneur without having to start your own business.

Spontaneous Application

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