Ropes connected to a network

Short-Range Communication

for the Internet of Things (IoT/ IIoT)

If devices are to be connected among themselves or with mobiles such as smartphones or tablets, then a short-range radio interface is required. In principle, it is easy to use a module or chips that provide the radio link...

But what if the range is not or not always achieved? If no connection can be established? If certification does not pass? Is it a radio frequency circuit or antenna problem? Is the chip used or configured incorrectly? Or is there even a software stack error?

In various projects we have worked with such radio interfaces. Solutions with Bluetooth or even proprietary or ZigBee solutions. The developments included the whole signal path from the antenna to the radio chips to the software stacks and the assistance during radio certification.

In one case, we ported both hardware and software from an obsolete chip to a new platform, so that the update was transparent to both production and the customer. In other cases, the tasks included pure problem solving or troubleshooting, software for communication stacks, and electronics development including layout and antenna design. Especially the latter we carried out as interdisciplinary work, since electronics, mechanics and partly also industrial design were involved.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

In these projects we have been able to apply the full range of our knowledge, from system design (module/ own layout) to electronics and their interaction with mechanics and industrial design (antenna arrangement, antenna position and interaction with the housing) and the software competences for communication stacks. For Bluetooth, ZigBee or other IEEE 802.15.4 radio based wireless links.

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