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Risk Mitigation and Rapid Development: Platforms for Your IoT/ Cloud Products

To efficiently launch IoT/cloud projects for the digitalization of your products, we have combined the most important components in standard system design platforms. These components not only make development more efficient and less risky, but also allow the creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with less effort, since the basic "housekeeping" functions are already in place.

With the mobile connectivity platform, you get a foundation for secure (Industrial) Internet of Things (IIoT/ IoT) endpoints and e.g. remote sensing, even for battery-powered products.

The standard design for IoT Edge allows you to accommodate significant computing power in your product, if necessary also interacting with the user via a touch screen.

Of course, your IoT system needs a corresponding backend, e.g. as a cloud solution or on your servers. Use our standard design for a complete solution.

Most often, your business models for IoT require  applications and apps that run on mobile devices. The platform for technical apps allows to develop them for you that they run straight on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

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