Flow diagram of a medical signal processing application

Signal Processing

for Medical Measurements

In order to optimize price and miniaturize the products, the overall signal processing, which had resided on several processors should be concentrated on one digital signal processor (DSP).

Because the customer had no experience with DSP, we have taken over the selection of the processor, the implementation of the drivers and the implementation and transfer respectively of the signal processing from other platforms. The newly developed code was generated according MISRA for safety critical applications. In addition we have supported the customer in the development of the hardware with the high-speed DSP in order to achieve a working prototype on the first attempt.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The signal processing was implemented as C++ software on a digital signal processor from the C6000 family of Texas Instruments. Through iterative, agile delivery the feasibility could be established rapidly and a first integration in products performed.
We have implemented the drivers for the interfaces and data acquisition compliant to the MISRA-C++ safety rules. The evaluation of the DSP and support for the first hardware implementation with a fast processor could draw from the large body of knowledge of our engineers.

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