What do You Get in the End and How Long will it Take?

Before starting development, we clarify for you which product is to be developed and how. From this, we can then estimate how large your investment is and how long your development will take.

For you, this means that we already have the entire life cycle in mind in the first development phase (design for test, design for manufacturing, design for cost) in addition to non-functional requirements such as safety, usability, maintainability. It is worthwhile for you to thus avoid costly revisions in the later development phases.

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Effort Estimation

What does it Cost You?

This of course is one of the questions, if not even the main question for your product development. This figure will be provided by one of our two methods, depending on how precisely your project is already defined. In general, our processes, templates and experience will give you an estimation accuracy in the range of -10/ +20%.

Once the project scope is more or less outlined, you get a function-based estimation already before the detailed system design phase, in which the functional specification is created. This estimate provides you with a range of the expected effort.

As soon as the requirements specification is sufficiently stable, you will receive an exact figure for the expected effort, as we can then estimate detailed work packages.

In order for the effort estimation to be sound, you will always receive a project risk assessment. This assessment serves on one hand as a base for your decision, on the other hand it is the starting point for the risk management in the project.

System Design

What shall we Developed for You and How?

You have a product idea, a requirements specification. To ensure that the product is exactly as you envision it, we describe in detail in the system specification how we understand your idea. By proofreading and correcting teh specifications several times, we get a clear consensus on what exactly you need.

As we already during system design starting to think about the technical solution, the "architecture" and about testing, you benefit from minimized risks and minimized late, expensive changes.

System design is the phase in which you are most involved. During the subsequent development, we take over all the work for you, including project management.

Technology Assessment

What is the Right Technology for Your Product?

For an optimum balance between production and development costs? We ponder these questions for every product we develop. Then we search for and find the technologies that fit your requirements exactly.

It pays off for you that we do not have any preferred technologies.  This allows us to make the optimal selection for your project, significantly reducing product cost and operating cost (TCO: Total Cost of Ownership). Which we vouch for with our Zero-Cost-of-Ownership guarantee.

The broad experience of our staff and the experience as a company from the variety of our projects leads to cost-effective solutions with a low implementation risk for you.

Rapid Prototyping

Do You want to Know whether it Can be Done, Fast and Cost-Efficient?

A new idea or technology always involves risk. Will it work as intended? Will it be as easy to implement as you thought? What problems are you not yet aware of?

Most of these questions can be answered with a functional prototype. With a small investment we can achieve a large increase in knowledge for you and thus a large risk reduction.

Functional prototypes can be implemented as simulations with MATLAB or LabVIEW, as experimental setups, also with evaluation boards and/or as software. The part of the product that contains the greatest risks is built, the rest is omitted. This way you quickly know what will be easy in further development and what will be difficult.

These References could be Interesting for You

Flytec: Smart Vario Interfaces

How did we contribute to the wireless capabilities of a modern instrument for Flytec/ Volirium?

weControl: Ground Station for UAV

How did we do it to develop a stable software for planning and visualization, fast?

Marenco: Aviation Tank Sensor

How did we develop an exact tank gauge according aviation standards for the new helicopter of Marenco Swiss Helicopter?

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