Consulting product development: engineers discuss in the EMC laboratory

Do you have Questions on Product Development?

Other Technical Questions? Also about Certification or Obsolescence?

Use our technical knowledge before, during and after development, also for your products already existing.

If technical problems and disturbances occur, in electronics, software or production, you will get fast and efficient solutions from us.

For your certification, take advantage of our support throughout the development cycle and from UL or CE to functional safety.

You want to optimize the performance and/or the price of the product? Take advantage of our holistic approach.

Electronic components are discontinued? Achieve with us optimum alternative solutions to keep your product in production for years with little effort.

Coaching on Debugging & Troubleshooting

Is Your Market Entry Delayed by Technical or Software Problems?

Are you in doubt whether it is the software, the hardware or even an integrated circuit? Do your EMC problems resist all solution attempts?

Use our equipment and experience in software and electronics to solve your tricky problems, quickly and cost-effectively. We can support you:

  • in the whole EMC area (especially also for non-conducting enclosures)
    • radiated
    • conducted
    • immunity
    • emission
  • for fast buses
    • USB
    • PCIe (PCI Express)
    • Ethernet
    • ...
  • for fast memory (DDR RAM...)
  • and software problems (timing, protocol, buffer overflow...).

You are welcome to use our experts and infrastructure to perform your pre-compliance measurements.

Our interdisciplinary expertise in software and electronics means that we can efficiently solve your problems with software-hardware integration or hardware bring-up of your board support package or operating system. For production problems, we provide you the solution for better yield and faster turnaround.

Coaching on Certification

Do You need to Certify your Product? For CE, EMC, UL, Radio, Ex/ ATEX? Or even for Functional Safety?

Benefit from our experience from the identification of applicable standards to analyses and to technically sensible solutions. Take advantage of our support throughout the entire development cycle, of our knowledge and of our experience.

You benefit from the fact that we offer solution-oriented certification, that we are not a "notified body" which can only say whether something is "OK" or "nOK" (not OK). Benefit from our practical experience to find your solutions!

We know the standards of many product families from different industries, for example:

  • White goods: EN 60335, EN 60730
  • Lightning: EN 60598
  • Machinery: EN 60204, EN 12100, EN 14121-1, EN 13849, EN 62061
  • Instruments: EN 61010
  • Medical equipment: EN 60601, EN 62304, EN 14971
  • Avionics: DO-160
  • Devices with wireless interfaces: EN 62368
  • EMC: EN 61000-3, EN 61000-4, EN 61000-6, EN 50121, EN 550xx, ETSI EN 300386, ETSI EN 300489
  • Explosion protection: EN 60079

In the field of functional safety, amongst others we work with:

  • Aviation/avionics: DO-178, DO-254, ARP-4754, ARP-4761
  • Automotive: ISO 26262
  • Machinery Regulation/ Machinery Directive: ISO 13849
  • Medical technology: IEC 62304
  • General industry: IEC 61508

Achieve efficient and dependable results when we work with your specialists to perform the required safety analyses (e.g. FTA: Fault Tree Analysis, FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, FMEDA: Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnosis Analysis, FMECA: Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis).

Do you have special requirements? We start where the others stop, where there is no standard off-the-shelf solution.

Cost Optimization

Is Your Product Too Expensive?

Use our knowledge and that of our partners to optimize the manufacturing cost of your product. On the one hand through production optimization, but also through product optimization.

We can bring in an outside view as well as our holistic approach, which considers the whole product and its environment. For example during cross-departmental cost review meetings, in which the benefits for your customers, your costs and your product architecture are optimized together. Simplifications are identified and their effort, risks and opportunities are assessed. Thus it is possible to tap great potential for you.

Obsolescence Management

Component Discontinued: The End of Your Product?

The manufacturers don't always guarantee the availability of electronic components. In order for "end-of-life" of the components not to mean the end of your product, we find replacement components for you or make small design adjustments. So you can save the cost of a complete re-development. Especially if your product is used in a regulated environment, expensive re-certifications can often be avoided.

Our technology tracking together with our good relationships with manufacturers and distributors results in better assessments of component risks and cost-efficient solutions for product support.

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