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Management Consulting: How can you Benefit from our Non-Technical Knowledge?

In accompanying our clients and in our own company development we have gained experience in general management and especially in projects. This experience ranges from start-ups to established companies.

This means that we can accompany you from classic strategy development to business models for products and, above all, services. Or you can benefit from our project experience for the assessment of your development projects or us taking charge of project management of your project.

Strategy Workshops

What is the Right Strategy for Your Organization?

For organizations of all kinds we conduct strategy workshops according to a holistic approach and document the results for your organizational development program as well as your internal and external communication.

As the range of topics spans vision - values - company analysis - environmental analysis - market positioning - organization, you will get a comprehensive view of your company's development opportunities. Depending on the depth and breadth of the topics you would like to work on, you benefit from customized workshops lasting one or several days, which we conduct together with your team.

Business Models for Technology

Is Your Idea Realistic? What are Worthwhile Business Models for IoT?

Do you have an idea for products or services? Does it include electronics and software, possibly also mechanics?

Then use our support in developing a profitable business model, including a realistic estimate of the development effort. Get an assessment of existing business models, e.g. for startup investors. This also for the Internet of Things (IIot/ IoT), where the business model is much more important than the technical solution.

For this, we first conduct workshops with you, e.g. according to the Design Thinking approach or as Open Space Technology/ Bar Camp. After that, you get an analysis of the idea plus a first, realistic estimate of the investment in development.

Project Assessment

How is Your Project Going? Where is still Room for Improvement?

Do you have doubts about your software or hardware development project, your embedded project?

Take advantage of our perspective as a practitioners, it offers a holistic, pragmatic assessment. Then achieve visible improvements in achieving your goals by supporting you with advice and action in project management, coaching and with our skills in product development.

Project Management

How do You get Projects Going? Do You have Too Few Project Managers?

It is worthwhile for you if we take over the project management, if we accompany your project for a certain time both technically and organizationally. Because at the same time we can directly coach your employees in our pragmatic, efficient project management approach.

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Let us discuss your idea/ your project