What does Solcept stand for?

We are an organization of engineers for engineers. Excellent engineers shall find an environment in which they can grow together to form the best embedded development team. Our customers profit of the experience of many years (in the average over 15 years), which beneath higher efficiency also leads to our ability to become acquainted quickly with new domains and problems.

We offer annual working time, participation in decision-making and an equal profit distribution to all staff. Part-time and telework are also possible. 5% of the work-time are reserved for continuing education, so we remain state-of-the-art.

This does not mean that we do only "happy engineering", but rather that ever new challenges, the conformance with the effort and milestone goals while delivering excellent quality keep us on our toes.  In order to still have time for creative engineers work, we conduct recurring tasks according our processes.

Not to loose focus in this environment, we let us lead by our values:

  • partnership
  • professionalism
  • sustainability
  • enthusiasm
  • responsibility

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