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Risk Reduction and Rapid Development: Platforms for Classic Control Systems

In order to develop your embedded control efficiently, we use our control platforms. Many basic functions, especially with functional safety also documentation can be reused and adapted from project to project. This reduces development risks and increases the quality of the products. For control systems, the platforms differ mainly in performance.

If your controller has real-time requirements or needs to handle signal processing and control, then the real-time/ DSP standard design is used. It is additionally designed to be used in battery powered, e.g. handheld devices.

If more computing power is required, then the IoT Edge/ GUI standard design comes into play. With a Linux-  and a real-time computer on one chip, it leaves nothing to be desired in this regard, even for high-resolution graphics and IoT Edge computing and communication functions.

If your machine requires a controller that is functionally safe according e.g. to the Machinery Directive, the standard design for functional safety is applied. It allows the functions of a safety PLC to be implemented on your printed circuit board at a much lower unit price.

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