Process consulting: engineer doing software development

Process Consulting: What Works Really?

For more than a decade we have been living processes for efficient development ourselves. We can put our experience to work for you. Especially the experience of how we live meaningful processes, as a small company without huge quality assurance resources.

We analyze your existing working methods and then support you in establishing processes for efficient and effective product development of standard products. In addition, we also have the knowledge and experience for the processes you need for developments in functional safety and cyber security. In these areas we cover many different industries.

Together with you, we can build such processes and implement them in your organization.

Development Processes

How do You Build a Viable Process Landscape?

More than ten years ago, we set out to document and continuously improve our working methods ("processes"). In doing so, we based ourselves on CMMI (Common Maturity Model Integrated) for "what" we should do. For the "how" we take a pragmatic approach and use methods from the V-Model, Lean, Agile...

We are happy to let you benefit from this experience, especially so that smaller organizations or organizational units receive efficient templates, tools and processes quickly. There is the possibility that you can use our process descriptions and templates for a faster start.

Processes are not a destination, but a path. The goal is not to turn your company upside down, but to document the best ways of working. These can then be made available to all projects and employees and be continuously improved. On the one hand to increase your efficiency, on the other hand to keep them viable in the fast changing context of tools, customers, products, markets...

We can accompany you on this way. This means for you to see how to design processes, their improvement and review as a task from all for all. This way, all users of the processes can identify with them and take responsibility for "their" way of working.

As a starting point for your own process journey, we would be happy to evaluate your lived processes.

Functional Safety

How do You Develop for Functional Safety?

Do you want to create functionally safe products?

Our many years of experience in functional safety mean fast and practical answers for you, from the identification of applicable standards, through analyses, definition of processes, selection of tools, to sensible technical solutions. Benefit from our support through the whole development cycle, with our knowledge we are at your side.

We are active in various industries and can therefore offer you consulting on functional safety for aviation/avionics (DO-178, DO-254, ARP-4754, ARP-4761), automotive (ISO 26262), Machinery Regulation/ Machinery Directive (ISO 13849), medical technology (IEC 62304), household and similar use (IEC 60730) and general industry (IEC 61508/ UL 1998).

You can find some information about development for functional safety in our blog, e.g. about which tasks you should expect or what effort you can anticipate for functional safety.

Cyber Security

How do You Protect Your Embedded System against Attacks?

You have a product that is to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)? You want to be sure that the data on the product is secure? That nobody can manipulate the device without permission?

Achieve with us the "hardening" of your embedded systems, from the control board to the cloud. You benefit from a threat analysis, based on which we develop a secure architecture for your system. The fact that we take into account not only the operational phase but also production and deployment in terms of cyber security means that you can be sure that your product is fully protected against attacks.


How do you Really Benefit from Software Tools?

Are you using or evaluating one of the tools below? And you want to know how to use it in a pragmatic and sensible manner?

We know these tools in detail, because we use them ourselves:

Therefore, take advantage of our engineer-to-engineer tool consulting for their use, also in functional safety projects. Not only that, you also benefit from access to our best practices, templates, workflows and processes, which we are happy to customize and which we train you in for your situation.

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