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Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E kritischer Systeme für funktionale Sicherheit (Safety) und Cybersicherheit (Security) Critical Systems

Functional Safety and Cyber Security

Our established processes for complex systems mean that you can also count on a safe and proven approach for your functional safety and information security/cyber security.

A large part of the requirements for functionally safe systems are process requirements, following the principle: "Using Quality to Manage Risk". In a coopration with us, you not only benefit from these processes, but also from the specialized capabilities and tools for e.g. safety analysis (FMEDA, FMEA, Software FMEA...), traceability , testing, reviews and the details of certification. For different industries (aerospace/avionics, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical engineering...) we make this knowledge available for you. Just with complexity for functional safety the case is somewhat different , it should be minimized because of the large efforts involved...

For your products with information security needs, you can use many synergies with functional safety (especially quality assurance), even if the area is not (yet) as highly standardized as safety. Threat analysis, validation through penetration tests and support over the entire product lifecycle set this area apart from functional safety. As soon as your product is connected to a network, its functional safety is influenced by cyber security, too. For such developments leverage combined safety-security projects from Solcept.

As a developers of complex systems, we have built a process landscape so that we have time for creative engineering work. These processes in a second step led us to functional safety and information security. The latter is one of the key enablers for the development of connected systems, for the Internet of Things.

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