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Critical Systems

Funktional Safety and Cyber Security

Based on the processes for complex systems, we have turned our sights to functional safety. In principle ("Using Quality to Manage Risk") a large part of the requirements for critical systems are process requirements. We have acquired the additional skills, especially for safety analyses and the details of certification, and have mapped them in our processes for the various industries (aerospace/avionics, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology, etc.). Just the case is somewhat different with complexity for functional safety, it should be minimized because of the large efforts involved...

Cyber security / data security has many synergies with functional security (quality), even if the area is not (yet) so highly standardized. Therefore we can offer above all combined projects.

Security/ data security then leads as an important prerequisite to our next speciality, to the  connected systems, to the Internet of Things.

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Conversion to Functional Safety

How did a commercial complex sensor product become functionally safe?

Consulting for Functional Safety

Functional Safety/ Machinery Directive - What does this mean? Which solution is the most efficient? What exactly do we have to do?

Medical Signal Processing

How did we concentrate the signal processing for a medical device on one processor and therewith optimized size and price?

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