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Do You Have a Question? SolceptClinics: Fast Help on Embedded Development, Certification and Processes.

Get free advice from our experts on technical an non-technical problems. Or use us as a sounding board/ challenge board to get feedback on your idea or solution. All of this fast and without obligation.

Take advantage of our knowledge on topics such as:

  • Embedded system developmentSoftware development
  • Hardware/electronics development
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) expertise
  • Functional Safety
    • Processes and certification
    • Machinery Directive, ISO 13849, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, UL 1998, DO-178, DO-254...
    • Safety analyses: FMEA/ FMEDA/ FMECA/ FTA...
  • Embedded Cybersecurity
  • Embedded Internet of Things (IIoT/ IoT)
  • Project Management
    • Effort Estimation
  • Process Management
  • Tools: Polarion/ Reqtify/ Apis-IQ FMEA/ Enterprise Architect/ Jira/ Confluence
  • and more...

For this consulting,  you will either benefit from a 30 minute online workshop with one of our experts or we will answer one question in the 30 minutes, which you can enter below. If your problem can be solved within 30 minutes, or if we conduct a 30 minute workshop with you, then this is free of charge for you.

In any case you will get the answer within two working days. If a question goes beyond the scope of the above, we will let you know and there will be no unplanned costs for you.

And of course, we guarantee confidentiality: you are welcome to download the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), fill it out, sign it and then upload it together with your other documents below.

Before you fill out the form below, you are probably asking yourself: What will happen to my data? Will I now be spammed with emails and called again and again? Don't worry, this is what will happen: We will contact you by email to discuss the next steps together. If a collaboration is established, we will handle your data according to our Data Protection Statement, otherwise you will not hear from us again.

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