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How do we Make Your Projects Successful?

Our foundation services span almost the entire project. Because we perform them in parallel to the other development steps, the development can be concluded fast and cost-efficient and changes late in the project can be avoided.

For the assessment of technologies we draw on the long and diverse experience of our staff. Industrialization, functional safety, security and general project management are institutionalized in our processes. Thereby we do not have to reinvent the wheel every time and can so develop for you efficiently and with low risk.

Especially in the area of processes, we are glad to offer you our knowledge also in consulting and workshops.

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Shall one Start something Early, so it has Not to be Done At All?

We think so. In order not to insert a special industrialization phase between prototypes and series production start, we carry out Design for Cost, Design for Test, Design for Manufacturing, EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility), Safety etc. from the beginning. So your development time is shortened and your effort is smaller. You are on the market faster and more economically.

The following measures help us amongst others to reach this goal:

  • The first prototype is developed already in a way that it could be the series product. So in many cases only one correction, one further prototype, is needed until series production, in maximum two corrections are necessary.
  • In addition we try to produce all prototypes already on the series production line, so process problems are discovered early.

Functional Safety

Does Functional Safety have to be Complicated?

Certainly only as complicated as necessary. In order not to have to invent the wheel anew for your safety project, we have strict, established processes which deliver the safety-relevant results. Thereby we can economically execute projects with functional safety for industry (IEC61508), machinery (IEC 62061 & ISO 13849), automotive (ISO 26262), aviation (DO-178 (ED-12)/ DO-254 (ED-80)) and other areas (IEC 60730, UL 1998, explosion protection (ATEX), medical, railways...).

Our established processes mean a greatly reduced risk for you to waste unplanned effort and time in the certification phase.

Our established processes mean a greatly reduced risk for you of wasting unplanned effort and time for certification. We have processes from hazard analysis/ risk analysis through certification planning to the safety case.

You have special requirements? We start where the others stop, where there is no longer a standard off-the-shelf solution.


Is Cyber-Security Necessary?

We think so. More and more physical products are connected to the Internet, the Internet of Things is growing. This also increases the attack surface and the opportunity to attack not only computers and servers, but also your products.

Here, too, we focus on your security through risk reduction through quality, with our processes, and through the standards that are developing, such as IEC 62443, IEC 27034 and ISO 21434.

Project Management

Would You Like to have No Effort with Project Management?

We take over the complete project management, so that you do not have to assign any of your staff for it. Project management also includes the management of risks, so you do experience no surprises. We ensure an efficient development, by e.g. filing and documenting your data in a structured manner, which also simplifies maintainability and makes it more economical.

Our processes allow us to accurately estimate projects after system design, so you get clearly defined milestones and effort. Throughout the whole project, we provide you with transparency and clarity about status, deadlines and effort.

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