Internet of Things

From Domodossola to Freiburg - Everything Under Control

The drivers of the "rollenden Landstrasse" can sleep quiet, everything is under control with the guidance system that we ported from roads to tracks.
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Sensors & Functional Safety

To Know the Fuel Volume - with Safety

How far does the amount of fuel last? A clear thing for the pilot, thanks to the fuel level sensor. Developed by us according to the latest avionics standards.
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The Brain of your Machine - User Friendly

The push of a button delivers your coffee exactly as you like it, the right amount of coffee brewed optimally, with a splash of milk, if you like. Our control systems make complex processes easily available.
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Communications & Consummer

Find the Thermal - and All Connections

Looking forward to the flight while planning the route, find the smallest updrafts, pass by safely past all airspaces to the goal and then reenact the saved flight on the PC. Thanks to the smart-vario, networked with our support.
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Technology & Product Development

Open the Office Door - Without Key

Leave the key in your pocket. Thanks to our technology the door opens for you by itself. This is how we brought capacitive transmission of information to maturity.

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Software- &



Solcept is Your Partner

...when it comes to develop your idea into an innovation and to then realize it as a product. As engineering boutique we are able to rapidly and flexibly cater for your wishes.

We take the responsibility for your complete product development. In the field of software development we implement firmware, embedded and other technical software from drivers to graphical user interfaces and PC-applications. In electronics development we efficiently bring your hardware to production readiness.

We also advise you on technology questions and development processes, solve your technical problems and take over your project management.

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What we Do for You

Innovation: Support with Requirements, Technologies and Rapid Prototypes


...asses and harness new technologies for your products


Specification & Planning: Effort Estimation based on System Specification and Architecture

Specification & Planning

...specify your product, estimate the investment and plan its development


Product Development: Software and Electronics Development, on demand also Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design

Product Development

...develop electronics & software or even the complete product for you


Production: from Validation to Production


...test and let produce your products for you and support your validation at the customer


Product Support: Support, Obsolescence Management and Product Optimization

Product Support

...optimize and maintain your products and support your service


Consulting: for Technology, Projects and Processes


... lend you a hand for technical questions and processes, project management and planning


Blog & News

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How to estimate the effort for safety-critical systems based on "normal" development: a simple rule of tumb

How to Develop for Functional Safety? The details

The customer finds your product awesome, just would like it with functional safety. What does this mean for your development? The details.