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What do you want to know about Software-, Electronics- and Product-Development Projects?

When someone wants to develop software or electronics, a lot of questions come up. We try to answer them here, with a collection of questions and answers (Q&A, FAQ) which each cover one topic.

On the one hand, general questions about embedded development: for example, about project management or technical issues, plus reasons and remedies for overruns in projects and the paradoxes of product development.

Then our client guide: How do we work with you? How do you experience a project with us? What are your general options for embedded development: Engineering firm, in-house development team, EEMS, freelancer, or near-shoring/ off-shoring?

And also some information on selection criteria for project partners: What are the points to consider when outsourcing? You want to know what are the development cost and what are the factors that determine the price? What does it mean for your core competencies to outsource work?

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