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What do you want to know about Software-, Electronics- and Product-Development Projects?

When someone wants to develop software or electronics, a lot of questions come up. We try to answer them here, with a collection of questions and answers (Q&A, FAQ) which each cover one topic.

You want to know how much a development costs and what are the factors that determine the price? You want to know what happened when you get very different estimates? Then take a look at this page.

Here you find a comparison of embedded development options: Engineering firm, in-house development team, EEMS, freelancer, or near-shoring/ off-shoring?

Some fixed ideas in product development, especially in software development, turn into their exact opposite on closer examination, i.e. they are paradoxes. E.g. if you want to develop faster, take more time; if you want to develop cheaper, take the higher hourly rate...

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