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Every new product defines the future of your enterprise. We use our knowledge and the knowledge of our partners to serve your future, from the development of software to mechanics. You can focus your resources on your core business, we act as your specialized and thus highly efficient embedded system development.

By being strongly process-oriented we create optimum products for your customers with high certainty and low risks. Be it in development of the overall product or as a partial project for embedded software and/ or electronics/ hardware.

All intellectual property (source codes, schematics, documentation, manufacturing data) is transferred to you, so you can produce, adapt and support the products on your own. We do not want you to be dependent on us.

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Software Development

Premium Technical Software, Developed Swiftly: is this Possible?

In order to reach this goal, on one hand we decrease the coding effort by a broad application of our own libraries and code generators, on the other hand we use professional software engineering methods like iterative ("agile") development and continuous integration with automated tests. So that the automated tests do not have to run on the target system, we design simulators for such projects. Those simulate the electronics and the equipment to be controlled.

We are covering a vast variety of technologies for technical software, so we can select for each project the solution that leads to the least product and life-cycle costs. As full-service provider from deeply embedded software for microcontrollers and signal processors (C/ C++) to PC software (C#), we can provide complete packages including software for service, test, configuration and visualization/ control in sizes ranging from a few thousand to more than 300'000 lines of code (CLOC) .

Hardware Development

You want Electronics that Performs Straight Away?

Software is indeed usually the more important part of an embedded system, but if the electronics do not work, the software is utterly useless. In order that the electronics work from the beginning and are ready for mass production within two iterations, we use detailed processes and checklists for electronics design and layout.

For that purpose we start early to link up the electronics requirements with software, mechanics and production/ manufacturing. Together with the years of experience of our engineers, also in areas like high-frequency/ EMC, in low power systems including stand-by power optimization and in sensor systems, this results in innovative solutions for your hardware.

Because of the broad spectrum of technologies and knowledge we cover we can reach the lowest product price for you, e.g. through higher integration (less printed circuit boards), modern manufacturing technologies or innovative EMC concepts without shielding enclosure.

Mechanics Design

You want Ideal Mechanics?

Due to the comprehensive knowledge of our partners about technologies from injection molding over composites and sheet metal as far as milled parts we find the ideal and economic mechanics solution for large to smallest production numbers. By optimizing your system integrally, i.e. over mechanics, electronics and software, massive cost cutting potential can be realized in the overall product. The optimization goals can be e.g. electromagnetic compatibility, manufacturability and maintainability.

Through the well-established partnership the interfaces between electronics/ software design processes and mechanics design processes are clear and so we can offer you an efficient development project.

Industrial Design

Would You like to Sell More Products?

If you develop your next product to be attractive and user friendly, it does not only sell more easily, but you do not have to provide as much support and you have less training effort.

We are considering those facets from the beginning and deliver optimized industrial design and excellent usability together with our partners without expensive adaptations in later project phases.

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