Would you like to Develop Custom Software and Hardware Fast?

Every new product defines the future of your enterprise. We use our knowledge and the knowledge of our partners to serve your future, from the development of software to mechanics. You can focus your resources on your core business, we act as your specialized and thus highly efficient embedded system development.

By being strongly process-oriented we create optimum products for your customers with high certainty and low risks. Be it in development of the overall product or as a partial project for embedded software and/ or electronics/ hardware.

All intellectual property (source codes, schematics, specification, documentation, manufacturing data) is transferred to you, so you can produce, adapt and support the products on your own. We do not want you to be dependent on us.

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Custom Software Development

You are looking for a Reliable Service Provider for Software Development?

Use our competences in technical and embedded software, based on platforms from "bare metal" micro controllers over real-time operating systems (RTOS) or Linux up to Windows or apps for Android and iOS. We do this for you in projects ranging from a few hundred up to more than 300'000 lines of code (CLOC).

You benefit from a holistic approach that if required includes signal processing and control engineering but also takes functional safety and information security into account. You not only get the actual embedded software from our software specialists, but a complete package including the necessary software for service, test, configuration and visualization/control plus of course all documentation.

Our development methodology means for you software of high quality, developed efficiently. E.g. by reducing the coding effort thanks to extensive use of own libraries and code generators, by clear requirement and development processes or by using professional software engineering techniques like iterative ("agile") development and continuous integration with automated tests (thanks to simulation also for embedded systems ).

Service Provider Hardware and Electronics Development: Circuit Design and PCB Layout

You want Custom Electronics that Perform Straight Away?

Software is usually the more important part of an embedded system, but if the electronics do not work, the software is utterly useless. Take advantage of our detailed processes and checklists for electronics development and printed circuit board (PCB) layout to make sure your electronics work from the start and are ready for production within two iterations. You benefit from the fact that we start integrating electronics requirements with software, mechanics and production as early as the concept phase.

You get innovative solutions based on the expertise of our hardware specialists in areas such as radio frequency/ wireless (antennas) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), in low power design and sensor technology, but also functional safety and explosion protection (Atex).

You achieve low manufacturing costs through our focus on Design for Cost incl. Design for Test and Design for Manufacturing. E.g., if necessary, we achieve EMC certification without a shielding enclosure, only with measures on the printed circuit board.

Mechanics Design

You want Ideal Mechanics?

Due to the comprehensive knowledge of our partners of technologies ranging from 3D printing to injection molding and sheet metal to milled parts, we find the ideal and economic mechanics solution for large to smallest production numbers. By optimizing your system holistically, i.e. over mechanics, electronics and software, massive cost savings can be realized in the overall product. The optimization goals can be e.g. electromagnetic compatibility, manufacturability and maintainability.

Through the well-established partnership the interfaces between electronics/ software development processes and mechanics design processes are clear and so we can offer you an efficient overall project.

Industrial Design

Would You like to Sell More Products?

If you develop your next product to be attractive and user friendly, it does not only sell more easily, but you do not have to provide as much support and you have less training effort.

We are considering those facets from the beginning and deliver optimized industrial design and excellent usability together with our partners without expensive adaptations in later project phases.

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