Production: hand soldering

Is Your Manufacturing Cost-Efficient?

Cost-efficient because you selected the optimum partner for assembly (EMS: Electronic Manufacturing Service), but also cost-efficient because you did an effective production ramp-up. We gladly assume the latter for you, for the actual production we work together with partners. Thereby you do not tie yourself to a manufacturer, but you have the choice and the cost advantages that go with it.

For us, production means not only manufacturing, but the entire process after development, from validation (integration tests, field tests, customer tests...), series introduction up to the support of your customers with questions that require a deep technical understanding of R&D.

If you would like to obtain development and production as a one-stop service, we can act as general contractor for you. Compared to a solution with "own" production, this has the advantage that we can select the optimum production partner for your product.

Validation Support

Does the Product Work at the Customer, too?

Or the control system together with the machine?

Why is this question so important? We develop systems according to your requirements and any change requests. The ultimate test, however, is "real life".

During integration tests into your system, field tests at the customer's site and other validation tasks up to pilot production and even series start, problems are quickly and systematically detected and efficiently reported back thanks to our planning and support. For you, this results in lower error cost in series production and higher customer satisfaction with error-free products.

Production Ramp-Up

Does Production Ramp-Up have to be so Cumbersome?

We do not think so! Thanks to the consideration of industrialization already at the start of development, there is no redesign for the series and also no separate NPI (New Product Introduction) process with us. Typically, the second prototype already goes into pilot production without any changes.

As a result, the production ramp-up consists mainly of defining the production tests and setting up the production tester as well as supporting the pilot series. For you, this means that you do not have to spend any effort on production, except, of course, for ordering.


Who should Manufacture Your Electronics?

Would you like to work together with a print assembler (EMS: Electronic Manufacturing Service)? Do you have your own electronics production? Or should we take over the production for you? We can offer you all models for your optimal production and procurement process. From our development you own all production data yourself, therefore there is no indissoluble commitment to a particular manufacturer.

If you not only want to have your electronics assembled, but also want to outsource assembly work or even the complete packaging and shipping, we can organize this for you also.

3rd Level Support

Must Your Support Know Everything?

We gladly transfer all knowledge to you, so you can answer all questions by yourself. Normally, however, it is more efficient if we answer the very complex questions. This saves you the effort and resources of building up the deep expertise in your organization.

This way we enable you to swiftly solve all your customers' problems, even the most complex and thus help you to insure their loyalty.


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