ANYmal highly mobile four legged robot

Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E kritischer Systeme für funktionale Sicherheit (Safety) und Cybersicherheit (Security) Quick Start in Machinery Safety for a Robotics Company

ANYbotics AG, the manufacturer of the highly mobile ANYmal legged robot, had to implement safety functions according to ISO 13849 to certify the robot for industrial deployment. Internal processes and expertise for and detailed knowledge on functional safety were not established yet.

Solcept was able to provide the processes and documentation system for functional safety development. Thanks to our consulting and guidance for the development, ANYbotics was able to build up significant knowledge on ISO 13849 in-house.

In addition, we provided the reviews, the verification of conformance to the standard plus the quality assurance as an independent entity for ANYbotics.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The project benefited from our established and structured processes for development according to ISO 13849 and our profound experience with the Machinery Directive and related harmonized standards. The hardware development used our knowledge of circuit design and PCB layout plus our experience in component reliability and safety analysis (FMEDA: Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis).

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