Vision Twin Deep Fat Fryer

Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E komplexer Systeme, z.B. DSP (digitale Signalverarbeitung), GUI (graphische Bedienoberflächen) Fryer Family: How did Twelve Controllers become Two?

Over the years, many different control systems had emerged for the various families of deep fat fryers. Now, on one hand, these had to be adapted to the new safety standards. On the other hand, the number of variants had to be reduced and the range of functions expanded with a new development.

Thanks to a well thought-out family concept, the number of variants could be reduced by a factor of six and the functionality expanded in a modular way, resulting in lower logistics costs and larger, more cost-effective series. The concept was developed in a very elaborate system design phase together with the customer's product management. The implementation was completed on time within a few months, the customer had no further involvement with electronics and software development.

The result was a control system with a user-friendly OLED display, which has now been in production for more than ten years without any new development or significant change.Through clever component selection and error-free programs, the same electronics generate value for our customer over years.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

In this development project, Solcept took the responsibility from the specification through the development of hardware and software to the production test and tools for customer service. In addition to the embedded hardware and software, a service tool, a system simulator and an automatic functional test on Windows were implemented.

The entire development was done in an interdisciplinary team with industrial designer, construction, notified body and product management from idea generation to successful integration and production launch inc. obsolescence management.

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