ScProbe: JTAG/ debug connector and high density test points on PCB

Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E komplexer Systeme, z.B. DSP (digitale Signalverarbeitung), GUI (graphische Bedienoberflächen) ScProbe JTAG/ Background Debug Connector

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No space for a 14 pin JTAG connector?
100'000 programming connectors for production are too expensive?

Here is the solution:
A reusable needle adapter which needs only 49 mm2 PCB estate. The connector on the target system/ PCB is essentially free of cost (15 test points, 2 position holes).

ScProbe: JTAG/ debug connector and high density test points on PCB


  • Small footprint of only 49 mm2
  • Essentially free connector on target system (copper etch only)
  • 15 pins, adapted to 16 pin industry-standard half-pitch connector
  • Layout with 0.2 mm (8 mil) design rules
  • Testpoints can be contacted with standard needle adapter in production
  • One-hand operation, like a syringe


  • R&D: JTAG/ background debugging
  • R&D: serial interfaces for logging/ debugging
  • R&D: processors/ Flash memory and CPLD/ FPGA programming
  • Manufacturing: programming for small lots when a needle adapter is not economically feasible
  • Service: software updates


PCB Footprint see PCB Footprint below
Maximum current per pin 0.5 A
Maximum voltage 100 V


  • Replacement spring-loaded contacts
  • Interface PCB from 16 pin half-pitch connector to e.g. ADI-style JTAG and Freescale-style BDM

Application examples

  • ADI Blackfin JTAG, Freescale HCS08 BDM and LVTTL serial on one ScProbe
  • Freescale Coldfire JTAG and LVTTL serial on one ScProbe
  • Two Freescale HCS08 BDM and two LVTTL serial on one ScProbe

How can I get the ScProbe?

Delivered in a box, usually from stock
800.- CHF EXW Wetzikon ZH
Invoice in Switzerland, pre-payment everywhere else

To the contact page for my order!

ScProbe PCB Footprint

To integrate into your PCB, the footprint in different formats:

Andreas Stucki

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