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Ready to Start with Automotive Safety!

Thanks to a good foundation with competent engineers and institutionalized processes we achieved rapidly the capability for ISO 26262.

For aviation projects we already had tools and processes, now it should go in the direction of automotive electronics.

Same same but different

Very quickly we noticed that the automotive standard for functional safety does not directly match the avionics standards DO-178 & ARP-4761, even though many things are essentially the same. Before being able to start, the standard requires a certified quality management system, evidence of the qualification of the engineers and process adaptations to this "flavor" of functional safety.

For us this meant to get audited according ISO 9001, to train all engineers for functional safety according ISO 26262 and to close the gaps between processes for aviation and automotive.

A Good Base leads Quickly to Success

Based on CMMI Level 3 we have received the ISO 9001 certificate for the overall company within two months. After the training by TÜV SÜD all eleven participants have passed the examination as "Safety Engineer". And the gap analysis of our processes has yielded that in most areas the gaps between existing processes and the requirements of the standard are only small.

Our good base: excellent engineers and established processes has allowed us to reach a high level in a new field of activity in a short time.

We are ready for functional safety according to ISO 26262 , talk with us about your projects!

Andreas Stucki

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