Embedded Computing Conference 2022

Come to the Embedded Computing Conference 2022 on 31st of May 2022 in Winterthur!

Experience interesting talks and join the discussion.

Daniel Megnet we will give a talk (in German):

Software Safety Analysis for Practitioners

Software safety analyses (SW-FMEA) are required in many functional safety standards. A SW-FMEA, however, is not only a tool for functional safety projects, but also increases the safety and reliability of your products in general. However, many people are not aware of how to perform a SW-FMEA in productive way. The presentation shows how systematic errors can be limited, how a SW-FMEA can be embedded in the software lifecycle and how it can support other SW development activities such as reviews, static code analysis (MISRA rules), SW verification/ validation or the application of coding and design guidelines in a meaningful way. A practical guide shows how to perform a SW FMEA step by step.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Winterthur!

Andreas Stucki

After the ECC you can download all information here:

Software Safety Analyse: ein pragmatischer Ansatz zur Eliminierung systematischer Fehler

Here you can find the presentation of the talk (in German).


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