Mise en place for spaghetti

Platforms, Products and Tools

Here you can find useful platforms and products, tools and ideas for the development of embedded systems, but not only.

System Base Designs

The System Base Designs are platforms or pacakges, standard technical solutions and standard architectures which bring you the benefit that based on them, we can easily and without risk  build your concrete application to your exact specifications.

We have those building blocks for controllers with real-time requirements, for high connectivity and graphical user interfaces, and for functional safety and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Developer Tools and Products

Would you like to know already at the beginning of development, whether you pass the flicker tests? We have developed an open source simulator which allows you to calculate the results of the flicker tests based on simulated and measured data.

For the use in miniaturized systems, where there is no space for an additional connector, you can get a connector from us, which needs only a few copper pads on the PCB.

More tools and information about e.g. data flow diagrams, FMEA, functional safety and data security can be found on our blog.

Project Management Tools

How do you get good estimates? How do you leverage the knowledge of all your specialists? Use Planning Poker, also to estimate hours and prices.

Templates and methods on topics such as estimation, risk management, outsourcing checklists and assessing expertise can be found on our blog.

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