Alois Cavelti: Software/ Vice-President

Alois Cavelti

is Dipl. Elektroingenieur FH , co-founder, deputy managing director and software developer. He is a specialist for architectures and software in C, C++ and C#. He is committed to [...]

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Andreas Stucki: Sales/ President

Andreas Stucki

is Dipl. Ingenieur ETHZ, co-founder and managing director. He is committed to clean technical results, meaningful processes and leadership as empowerment and development. In [...]

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Daniel Megnet: Software/ Signal Processing

Daniel Megnet

is Dipl. Elektroingenieur FH and specialized in embedded SW development.  He is committed to clearly formulated requirements and good system design that optimally combines [...]

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Luzian Hürlimann: Hardware/ Systems

Luzian Hürlimann

is an electrical engineer and systems engineer, hardware, systems and safety specialist. He is committed to processes and efficient functional safety. He keeps fit by mountain [...]

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Matthias Eggenberger: Software/ Processes

Matthias Eggenberger

is Dipl. Elektroingenieur FH and does software development, project management and is Mister Process. He is a specialist in functional safety and software in C and C++ and of [...]

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Patrik Jourdan: Software/ Signal Processing

Patrik Jourdan

is Dipl. Elektroingenieur ETHZ, software developer and co-owner of Solcept. He develops embedded software with a focus on digital signal processing and sophisticated algorithms. [...]

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Samuel Leemann: Hardware/ Electronics

Samuel Leemann

is MSc EE ETHZ, hardware-, system- and safety-specialist and co-owner at Solcept. His previous professional activities were in the commercial field and in the development of [...]

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