Production Runs, What Now?

We can support you after the development with technical knowledge, too, even for your existing products. Electronic components have been discontinued? We find optimum alternative solutions to keep your product in production over years with minimum effort. You want to optimize performance and/or the price of the product? We support you with a holistic approach.

Your customers have technical questions which require in-depth technical knowledge of development? Acting as the  last level of your support we have the answers.

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3rd Level Support

Must Your Support Know Everything?

We gladly transfer all knowledge back to you, so you can answer all support questions by yourself. But usually it is more efficient, if we answer the very complex questions, you save the effort and the resources for the buildup of in-depth knowledge in your organization.

This way we enable you to swiftly solve all problems of your customers, even the most complex and thus help you to insure their loyalty.

Obsolescence Management

Component Discontinued: the End of Your Product?

Rarely the manufacturers guarante the availability of electronic components. In order for "end-of-life" of the components not to mean the end of your product, we find replacement components or make small design adjustments for you to save the cost of a complete new development.
Our technology-tracking together with our good relationship to manufacturers and distributors results in better assessments of component risks and cost-efficient solutions for product support.

Product Optimization

Can Your Product get Even Better?

Is your product too expensive? Do your customers need additional features? Or different functions?

Together with our partners we optimize your product. By introducing a third (or fourth) view and through our integral approach which looks at the complete product and its environment, it is possible to tap large potential.


Is your Market Entry Delayed due to "Electronic" or Software Problems?

Are you in doubt whether it is the software, the hardware or even the integrated circuit? Do your EMC problems resist all standard remedies?

We have got the equipment and the experience in software and electronics to find fast and economical solutions for your tricky problems. The support we provide compromises the whole EMC range (radiated, conducted, immunity, emission, especially also for non-conducting enclosures), fast buses (USB, PCIe (PCI Express), Ethernet...), fast memory (DDR RAM...) and software problems (timing, protocol, buffer overflow...).

As our competencies encompass electronics and software, we efficiently tackle the problems with software/ hardware integration or hardware bring-up of your board support package or operating system. Also for production problems we can find the solution to get better yield and lower cycle time.


Shall one Begin something Early, so it has Not do be Done At All?

We think yes. In order not to insert a special industrialization phase between prototypes and series production start, we carry out Design for Cost, Design for Test, Design for Manufacturing etc. from the beginning. So the development time is shortened and the effort is smaller, you are on the market faster and more economically.

The following measures help us amongst others to reach this goal: The first prototype is developed already in a way that it could be the series product. So in many cases only one correction, one further prototype, is needed until series production, in maximum two corrections are required.

In addition we try to let produce all prototypes on the series production line, so process problems are discovered early.

Functional Safety & Security

Must Functional Safety and Security be Complicated?

Certainly only as complicated as necessary. In order not to have to invent the wheel each time anew, we have strict, established processes which deliver the safety-relevant results. Thereby we can economically execute projects with functional safety for industry (IEC61508), machinery (IEC 62061 & ISO 13849), automotive (ISO 26262), aviation (DO-178 (ED-12)/ DO-254 (ED-80)) and  other areas (explosion protection (ATEX), medical, railways...).

Because not only persons, but also data have to be secured, we are in aposition to develop and verify your products with respect to security.

Additionally our established processes strongly decrease the risk that the certification phase will consume unplanned effort and time.

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Project Management

Would You Like to have No Effort with Project Management?

We do the complete project management for you, so that you do not have to assign your staff for it. Project management also includes the management of the risks, so you do not experience surprises. We take care for an efficient development, by e.g. filing and documenting your data in a structured manner, also making maintenance more simple and economic.

After system design, our processes allow us to estimate your project accurately, so that milestones and effort can be defined clearly. Throughout the whole project, we offer you transparency and clarity about status, deadlines and effort.

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