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Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E komplexer Systeme, z.B. DSP (digitale Signalverarbeitung), GUI (graphische Bedienoberflächen) Clarity already at the Beginning of Product Development? System Design: Requirements Management & Systems Engineering

Many projects for the development of products or subsystems start with a vague idea. Which technologies should be used to fulfill the requirements? And what are these requirements in the first place?

These were the questions our customers faced before we started a system design with them. On the one hand, we clarified the requirements (specification/requirements elicitation & requirements management) and then looked for solutions that fulfill the requirements (systems engineering), including the non-functional ones. Especially the latter are often underestimated.

This phase is typically also where important innovations emerge. For example, we have transferred solutions from the automotive environment to aerospace several times in order to save costs and, above all, weight. And also to replace mechanics with electronics. Or we have developed modular concepts for machine controls, which can also be implemented in price-sensitive industries (e.g. household appliances).

Based on the results, customers could make informed decisions about technology and project budget. This sometimes led to project terminations, because now the real parameters of the project became visible.On the one hand, such terminations are unpleasant for us as developers because there is no follow-up development. On the other hand, we find it more honest to cancel a project early on than to go through with a project that makes no business sense.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

These projects (we do them all the time) mainly benefit from our experience and cross-industry knowledge, which allows us to transfer solutions between industries.

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These References might Interest You

These References might Interest You

[Translate to English:] Flugtestinstrumentierung: orFlight test instrumentation: orange electronics box with measurement and recording devices for flight testsange Elektronikbox mit Mess- und Aufzeichnungsgeräten für Flugtests

Marenco: Flight Test Instrumentation

What was the solution for the data acquisition and telemeter for the Skye SH09 of Marenco Swisshelicopter?

Life parameters display in operation room

Medical Signal Processing

How did we concentrate the signal processing for a medical device on one processor and therewith optimized size and price?

DSP board with with densely arranged components

DSP Board with High Function Density

How did a manufacturer get a customized camera board fast and easily?

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