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Software System Architecture for a Space Communication System

Our customer needed a software system architect who could quickly get up to speed on the task so that decisions could be made fast on key components. The complex communication system (physics, mechanics, optics, electronics, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), software, digital signal processing) had to be considered in the software architecture.

Solcept evaluated microcontrollers for space requirements (ECSS, European Cooperation for Space Standardization). For this purpose, the requirements for memory and computing power were first elicited. These strongly depend on the system and software architecture. Therefore, many system aspects such as interfaces, error states and handling, operating system (RTOS), algorithms and communication protocols were defined in order to evaluate the controller with low risk.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The project covered a wide range of competences, starting with requirements analysis, ARM Cortex-M based microcontrollers, RTOS, ECSS standards, bus systems and protocols (CAN, CANOpen, SPI, UART), control engineering, digital signal processing up to error handling EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) and FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery).

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