Are You Looking for the Optimum Solution?

The course is set already before development for customer acceptance and cost. It is set in the definition of products and the technologies used to realize the product. Through the transfer of solutions between different industry sectors, through our experience and our approach that is centered on the end user we can find your optimal solution together.

References  for innovation

Innovation Guidance

Is your Technology the Problem or the Solution?

The optimum technical solution can increase the customer benefit <i>and</i> decrease cost. Tho find this solution we make available all our knowledge to you for technology assessments, idea workshops and development of new solutions.

We gladly commit our external view and the experience from projects for many different industry sectors for your efficient and effective application of your technology. In doing so, we like to also access the knowledge of our partners.

Specification Guidance

Would You like to Realize your Idea with Least Development Effort?

Precise requirements lead to less iterations in development and thus to smaller effort. Precise requirements can only result from following an efficient process. We offer you idea generation, concretization of the product goal and product specification as a customized process with workshops, coaching and analyses.

We define the optimum product together with all stakeholders: product management, user, production, sales, service... This and our external view make sure that no aspect is missed and through this no expensive modifications are needed during development or manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping

Do You want to Know whether it Works, and that Fast and Cost-Efficient?

A new idea or technology always contains risks. Will it work as intended? Will it be as easy to implement as intended? Which problems do you not yet know?
Most of those questions can be answered by a functional prototype. With a small investment, a large increase in knowledge and thus a large risk mitigation can be gained.

Functional prototypes can be implemented as simulations in MATLAB or LabVIEW, as breadboards, also with evaluation boards and/ or as software. The part of the product that contains the largest risks is built, the rest is omitted. So you know quickly what will be simple in further development and what will be difficult.

Technology Assessment

What is the Right Technology for Low Cost?

This is the questions we ask ourselves for each product we develop. Then we find the technologies that fit exactly this project. Because we have no preferred technologies, we can make the optimum selection for your project and thus decrease product cost and total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly.

The broad experience of our staff and the diversity of our projects leads to economic solutions with a low implementation risk.

Project Management

Would You Like to have No Effort with Project Management?

We do the complete project management for you, so that you do not have to assign your staff for it. Project management also includes the management of the risks, so you do not experience surprises. We take care for an efficient development, by e.g. filing and documenting your data in a structured manner, also making maintenance more simple and economic.

After system design, our processes allow us to estimate your project accurately, so that milestones and effort can be defined clearly. Throughout the whole project, we offer you transparency and clarity about status, deadlines and effort.

These References could be Interesting for You

Tank Sensor for Aviation

How did we develop according aviation standards an exact tank gauge with compensation of the tank form and fuel type?

Internet of Things for Piggyback Transport

How did we adapt the back-end of a telematics solution from road to rail for a customer?

Excitation & Processing for Sensors

How did we optimize electronics and software for sensors with digital signal processing and make it ready for series production?