Ground control station screen with map and flight instruments

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weGCS is a flight planning and control software for the ground station of an unmanned aircraft or helicopter. We developed the compete visualization software for a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) startup. On a laptop computer, flight paths can easily be planned and entered on any bitmap map using the mouse. During the flight, the overall status of the aircraft is displayed, including visualization of its position on the map.

The software quickly and efficiently replaced several predecessors whose functionality left much to be desired, especially with regard to flight planning and the use of discretionary maps usable without conversion software, but also with regard to stability. Thus, the needs of the end customers and users were quickly satisfied and the first systems were sold.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The project was programed in C++ using wxWidgets.The quick familiarization with cartography and geodesy ensured that a simple solution for the user could be found for the use of bitmap maps.
By using an iterative, agile development approach, our client was able to deliver robust software to the end users very quickly, and we were able to efficiently incorporate user feedback back into the software.

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