Automated cutting table with two arms

Symbolbild: Engineering/ F&E kritischer Systeme für funktionale Sicherheit (Safety) und Cybersicherheit (Security) How to Replace Large, Heavy and Expensive Safety Components?

Zünd Systemtechnik AG manufactures digital cutters, automated cutting tables in various sizes for a variety of materials such as leather, cardboard, paper and fabrics. These are, as a kind of two-dimensional robots, subject to the Machinery Directive. In order to comply with it, safety controls are used for the necessary safety functions, e.g. to shut down the cutting tools and stop the movement of the cutting head.

Solcept supported the customer from the concept phase through solution finding and certification in a joint team (co-design). Early assessment of risks and initial estimation of metrics during the concept phase avoided costly corrections during the course of the project. The fulfillment of the metrics was ensured by a detailed FMEDA after the schematic design.

Thanks to the close and open cooperation, including the definition of the necessary processes and checklists for the customer, the knowledge transfer on functional safety processes and methods already took place during the project.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The hardware and software concept was designed for functional safety according to ISO 13849, including FMEDA together with the necessary metrics (MTTFd, DC, CCF, PL). For Zünd Systemtechnik AG processes and checklists for functional safety were created, based on the Solcept process assets.

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