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Functional Safety & Machinery Directive: How We Help to Untie the Knot

Due to the Machinery Directive and ISO 13849, a safety level (Performance Level: PL) is required for the control of the machine...
The customer or the current state of the art requires functional safety for the product according to a standard...

What does this mean? Which solution is the most efficient? What exactly do we have to do?

These are the questions that concern the organizations for which we provide consulting (ISO 13849, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO-178...) for functional safety. Together with the customer's product, quality and development specialists, we look at the specific concerns:

  • Introduction to the basic principles, to functional safety thinking and to the necessary procedures and documents
  • Estimation of the development effort for functional safety
  • Interpretation of the standards: what does this mean in practical terms for my product, for my development processes
  • Assessment of existing processes for the targeted security levels ("gap analysis")
  • Definition of the safety goals as a first step towards the development of functional safety
  • Evaluation of alternative solutions for the safety functions
  • System design of a compliant and efficient safe solution
  • Hardware design for a cost-effective safety solution
  • Selection of certifiable, safe electronic components adapted to the required safety level
  • Software design including selection of the right programming language
  • Selection of software tools that can be used in safety projects
  • Support or execution of safety analyses such as FMEA, FMEDA, FTA...
  • Planning and execution of verification and validation

In a first joint workshop we develop a common understanding of the project, the questions to be clarified and the exact procedures. This results in our consulting mandate, which is precisely tailored to the customer.

Then we familiarize ourselves with the client's product and existing documents. These serve as preparation for further workshops, where we discuss and decide on possible solutions. Then we prepare the next steps, which we develop together in the next workshop. The concrete questions and the depth of the analyses are always adapted to the specific project and the customer's wishes.

Project Scope

Expertise and Technologies

The most important competence in these projects is of course functional safety. In addition, all customers benefit from our practical experience in system, software and hardware development, from our experience in estimations and from our practical work on and with processes.

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