Transfer Solutions

As you can see in our references, we are used to work in a variety of industries. Thereby on one hand we are accustomed to familiarize ourselves rapidly with the knowledge of your industry, on the other hand we often can transfer novel solutions between industries.

Automation & Control

From Machine to System
Manufacturing machines, but also power tools are more and more equipped with control and networking.

Appliances for Food Service & Home

From Rotary Knob to Touch
For household and professionals automated processes and modern user interfaces are getting more and more important.

Measurement Equipment & Sensors

From Needle to Fieldbus
Bare sensors are often not enough, algorithms, signal processing and intelligent interfaces are getting more important.


From Soloist to Networking
Trains, cars, buses are getting more complex, more communication but also more regulation (e.g. safety).


From Flyer to Flying Computer
Helicopters & airplanes, an own embedded world. Tightly regulated from systems to soft- and hardware.


From Phone to M2M
From voice to Internet of Things, telemetry and Industry 4.0. With requirements on power consumption, safety and longevity.

Security/ Access Control

From Key to  Credential
Not just physical safety, also more and better data security and networking for companies and private persons.


From Technology- to Cost-Driven Innovation
Sensors, signal processing and networking with superior requirements on approval.


From One Function to All-Purpose
Specialized consumer products and sport/ lifestyle devices with more functions and interfaces.

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