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Safety Analysis/ FMEA Consulting: Our Experts for You, at No Cost.

Are you working on a safety analysis, FMEA, FMEDA...? Are you planning such an analysis? We prevent the crash of your analysis... We are happy to advise you on methods and practical questions.

Safety analyses Consulting on FMEA, FMEDA, FMECA, FTA, software FMEA..: Book a SolceptClinic. Take the opportunity to solve your problem with one of our experts.

And the best thing is: this first time-boxed clinic of 30 minutes doesn't cost you anything.

What do You have to Do?

Just send me a precise description of your safety analysis question including relevant documents. In addition, suggest us a few possible dates. I will then invite you to a video conference with one of our experts.

Andreas Stucki

Contact me also for SolceptClinics on:

Contact me for a video session!

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