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What does R&D do at an R&D Service Provider?

We think that research and development on our own behalf completely makes sense. We want to improve on one hand the quality, on the other hand the efficiency of our products, i.e. your projects. This we achieve through process development (process innovation) and through the development of own platforms and tools.

We invest about 4% of our worktime in the development of our processes. As starting point and benchmark we use CMMI-DEV (Common Maturity Model Intergrated for Development). Sporadic external audits ("appraisals") give a an external view of the way we work and point to improvement potential. In between there is the permanently running process of continuous improvement and also a peer-to-peer internal audit of our project work. In doing so, it is not only the aim to enforce the processes, but also to identify processes which are not workable and then to make them workable. This leads to lean and productive processes which are embraced by the engineers and thus lead to project that are cost-effective and of excellent quality.

In order not to have to invent recurring tasks like protocols, embedded data management, simulation, supply calculations and parametrization again and again, we invest in own tools and software platforms. Using e.g. code generators and small adaptations on standard frameworks, this makes possible a fast and error-free development of the infrastructure for typical embedded projects (PC user interface, simulation of hardware and mechanics for (automated) tests...).

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