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Do you have questions concerning safety analysis? On eFMEA, FMEDA, FMECA, FTA, Software-FMEA...? Our experts have the answers!

ESE Congress 2019: Presentation about Safety and Psychology

Visit our presentation on FuSa an psychology at the ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen!

Software Safety Analysis for Practitioners

What do you need to consider for a software FMEA? How does one make an efficient software safety analysis?

ECC 2018: "Why Processes: is this not Just Ardous?"

Visit our presentation on development processes at the ECC 2018 in Winterthur!

Code Generation: Automated Creation of Code

How to reduce development effort while increasing quality at the same time using a code generator.

ESE Congress 2017: Presentation about Effort Estimation

Visit our presentation on estimation at the ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen!

Dreyfus Model: How To Evaluate Expertise?

How to asses specialists? The Dreyfus model in practical use for engineers.

Experiment Template: Make Tests Efficient and Useful

How to make results of trials valuable? A template for the execution of experiments and their documentation.

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