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Development for Functional Safety: How is it done?

What must be done in a development for functional safety? An overview of the design of safety critical systems.

List Functional Safety: How is it done?

A short list which shows the additional tasks for the development for functional safety.

Safety & Security 2018: "From Functioning to Safe Product"

Visit our presentation on development processes for functional safety!

ECC 2018: "Why Processes: is this not just ardous?"

Visit our presentation on development processes at the ECC 2018 in Winterthur!

ESE Congress 2017: Presentation about Effort Estimation

Visit our presentation on estimation at the ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen!

ISO 9001 & ISO 26262: Certification for Functional Safety

Ready for ISO 26262? Training, ISO 9001 certification and process upgrades let us reach the goal quickly.

Body Leasing: Really Simpler?

Body leasing has many advantages. Is this really true? A comparision with awarding a project to a full service provider.

CMMI & Time Wasters: 40% Faster Development?

How does one get rid of the time wasters in innovation and product development? A study and a possible solution: CMMI.

News May 2016

New website, now fully responsive. New staff and again capacity for your projects.

Experiment Template: make trials efficient and useful

How to make results of trials valuable? A template for the execution of experiments and their documentation.